Repeatable quality to deliver first in nation certification

Project Description


Support a multinational mapping company become the first entity to certify new pavement industry technology and sensor platforms to AASHTO standards at a national pavement testing center (NCAT).


As an established leader in the pavement data collection industry, Mandli set its sights on achieving fleetwide certification at the national pavement testing center.  If successful, this accomplishment would be an industry-first. At the outset, Mandli’s Engineering Team completed the sensor configuration and integration, including the successful integration of a new pavement scanning sensor.

At this stage, with their history of successful collaboration, Mandli asked MCANTA to join the effort. MCANTA was tasked with adding rigor to the testing process and shepherding the advancement of the project’s quality program. To get quick and durable results, MCANTA created a cross-organization working team. This team, consisting of stakeholders from the Engineering Team, Data Collection Team, and Data Processing Team, got to work developing and formalizing processes.

With MCANTA’s ability to create and motivate teams on full display, the effort made considerable progress toward the goal in a short amount of time.

With the cross-functional team moving forward, MCANTA further supported the effort by developing dry run test procedures. MCANTA brought together in-house knowledge and process improvement techniques with repeatable test processes to drive the success.

As the testing dates drew closer, MCANTA expanded its support efforts. A particular focus was placed on  educating the team about risk assessment, test scenario planning and results analysis. All of the areas proved important as the team deployed to the testing center.


MCANTA supported MANDLI by developing and documenting processes that assisted them in achieving an industry-first: NCAT certification across the entire data collection fleet for two years running.

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