Application Testing

Business is moving faster than ever, and your software is continually evolving. Historically, when updates and new releases occurred once a quarter, it was considered frequent; now, features are pushed weekly, daily, or hourly. With this fast pace comes the need for comprehensive software testing. 

Application Testing evaluates a software program to ensure it functions correctly and meets its intended requirements before being deployed to users. 

Accelerate your time-to-market by cutting your QA lead times up to 90%. From application performance and baseline testing to system load testing, MCANTA understands that testing is more than finding defects - it's about creating confidence in your software and delighting users.

Benefits of Application Test Automation

 Automated  end-to-end testing is more than testing the application or module: it is the verification of the value delivered, from the user’s perspective, multiple business processes, software applications, and platforms. No more finding surprise bugs or integration failures after launch. With MCANTA, you will sleep better at night rest assured that your business processes have been tested thoroughly… leading to grateful customers and a happier CEO.



Conduct comprehensive tests on diverse devices and platforms, from performance checks to system load assessments.

Made to Scale

Adapt resource allocation to match project needs, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout.


Dependable & Efficient

Integrate automated testing seamlessly into your QA and development workflows, enhancing efficiency and keeping sprints on schedule.

24_7 testing

24/7 Testing

Schedule automated tests to run anytime, guaranteeing continuous monitoring and early issue detection for uninterrupted progress.

Types of Application Testing

User Acceptance Test

Ensures the software meets user requirements and is ready for deployment.

Integration Test

Validates the seamless interaction between different software components, preventing integration-related defects.

Regression Test

Confirms that software updates have not introduced new bugs or issues.


MCANTA can help ensure your software meets user expectations, functions seamlessly, and aligns with your business objectives. With our testing process, you gain valuable insights, leading to enhanced product quality, improved user experience, and increased success for your business. 

 Our proven deployment methods will help you get an end-to-end business process automation up and running in typically less than a week. We will pick a process to document, validate, and automate in less than 20 hours. Understanding the path to automation will guide you on your next steps: having MCANTA teach your team scripting or accelerate adoption by using MCANTA automation services to get you over the early automation backlog. 


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