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Unveiling the Truth: Is Robotic Process Automation the New Tech Debt?
As businesses seek innovative solutions to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and stay competitive, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has emerged as a promising technology, offering the prospect of...
You Don’t Need Testing But You Might Need Quality Assurance
Within the landscape of software development, ensuring excellence in every aspect of your product is paramount. Quality Assurance (QA) stands as a cornerstone in this pursuit, yet its intricacies often...
MUSH Automated Solutions
Automated Solutions Are Delivering Value for Municipalities, Universities, Schools, and Hospitals (MUSH)
When thinking of institutions that are known for aggressive innovation, The MUSH sector (Municipalities, Universities, Schools, and Hospitals) isn’t typically the first thing that comes to mind.
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Customer Success Story: WFAA's Efficient Salesforce Integration and Automated Testing for Cost Savings and Enhanced Analysis.
"MCANTA's Strategic Partnership Empowers Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (WFAA) in Achieving Seamless Digital Transformation: A Success Story of Implementing Salesforce and Automated Testing...
Start Defining Your Testware
Start Defining your Testware
Defining testware is essential for scaling tests and expanding Quality Assurance initiatives. Without a clear foundation, it becomes challenging to garner support and collaboration within the organization.
Challenging Assumptions: User Acceptance Testing in Commercial Off-The-Shelf Software 
Challenging Assumptions: User Acceptance Testing in Commercial Off-The-Shelf Software
This article underscores the increasing efficiency of COTS software for business needs. It challenges common testing assumptions and suggests shifting to regression and acceptance testing, emphasizing...
Testing APIs using Eggplant
Testing APIs using Eggplant
This tutorial will prepare you to test APIs using the API endpoints included in Eggplant’s Digital Automation Intelligence suite.  
Enabling Quality Assurance Accross Bsuinesses Efficient Organization
Enabling & Owning Quality Across Business Processes for a More Efficient Organization!
A good friend said, “Have you ever noticed that people only talk about quality when it is missing?”
Quality Assurace in 2022 - customer experience
Quality Assurance in 2022 – Customer experience and software quality.
Capgemini and MicroFocus have released the World Quality Report for 2021/2022 (WQR), and this 13th edition weighs in at over 60 pages.