Manufacturer Increases Throughput and Reduces Business Risks with QA Automation

Project Description


For more than 120 years, our client has served some of the most recognized brands in America in a wide variety of industries. A growth-minded, mid-market manufacturer, they operate five Centers of Excellence in the United States, each focusing on specialized areas of expertise and specific processes.

To maintain their market leader position, our client has made significant technology investments to improve operations and meet customer expectations. Testing has not kept pace with this push for innovation and was still manual. They identified an expanding and accelerating need for the automation of application and systems testing to reduce costs, improve quality, manage risk and minimize business threats.


To sustain the firm’s growth and success, they recognized the need to deliver high quality and efficient experiences to their internal and external constituencies. Add to this the complexities of modern business processes from sales order intake, through inventory, purchasing, and manufacturing, to invoicing, accounts payable and security, and the firm decided to engage MCANTA to prove the value of automating functional testing of business-critical applications.

MCANTA partnered with the firm’s security, IT, business and quality groups to select the proper tools, design the testing environment, install software, ensure proper system access, build testing scripts and execute the tests. Along the way, MCANTA automated as many of the processes as possible to meet the tight deadlines and maximize efficiency.


MCANTA achieved the following:

  • Collaborated with our client to create digital twins of business workflows
  • Successfully automated critical business processes on client’s targeted applications (ERP, etc.)
  • Created test libraries to reduce long-term labor burden and increase test reusability
  • Automated test cases for
    • Sales order documentation creation & retention (including .pdf creation and storage)
    • Sales order acknowledgement via email distribution
    • Manufacturing job creation and sales order processing
    • Label and document comparison and independent verification and validation (IV&V)
    • Reporting 
  • The client has requested to expand the engagement


… this solves our bottleneck issues.

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