Automation as a hedge against recession

Economic downturns are inevitable, what can be done? I’ve always enjoyed problem-solving. I love puzzles and helping my kids with story problems in math. Sometimes I have to remind myself there are moments when I just need to listen and not jump into problem-solving mode. This isn’t one of them. Talk of recession seems to [...]

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Quality Assurance in 2022 – Customer experience and software quality.

Insights on Quality Assurance from the most recent World Quality Report. The World Quality Report for 2021/2022 (WQR) has been released by Capgemini and MicroFocus, and this 13th edition weighs in at over 60 pages. As expected, it focuses on application quality assurance (QA), and polls 1,750 respondents to provide insights into the state of QA. [...]

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Customers as partners in success

The best indicator of a job well done is the success of your partner. A common principle in the best companies is to treat customers as partners in success. A number of years ago I was discussing a customer with my CTO in what became a watershed moment for me professionally. The CTO was ready [...]

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Develop software in-house to differentiate your business

Your Software Is Your Competitive Advantage, from the Harvard Business Review. In our previous blog post we examined how companies are realizing that they are software businesses (to competitive advantage). Recently the HBR suggested that “whoever builds the best software wins” (“In the Digital Economy, Your Software Is Your Competitive Advantage”, 1/18/21). This is an [...]

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Enabling & owning quality across business processes for a more efficient organization!

A good friend of mine said “Have you ever noticed that people only talk about quality when it is missing??” In general, I tend to agree, but I do see a growing number of people who connect the value of keeping quality front of mind while they are delivering solutions [...]

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