Testing APIs using Eggplant

Did you know that over 83% of all web traffic is for API calls? They are literally everywhere on the web, and in your business. Created based on feedback from our clients, this tutorial will prepare you to test APIs using the API endpoints included in Eggplant's Digital Automation Intelligence suite. Starting with a [...]

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Robotic Process Automation Introduction

I found a great, introductory overview of robotic process automation (RPA) and what it "is" and "is not". This quick, 5-minute read includes eight sections that cover the major points of RPA in a vendor neutral way. Very worth the time if you’re thinking about how RPA can support improvements in your organization. I couldn’t [...]

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Quality Assurance – How can we improve software quality?

Insights on Quality Assurance from the most recent World Quality Report. Introduction- The World Quality Report for 20/21 (WQR) has been released by Capgemini and MicroFocus. As always, this 12th edition focuses on application quality assurance, and the answers from the 1750 respondents provide insights into the state of those programs. Let’s look at some interesting [...]

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Test Automation Explained

This is a great overview on application test automation from Eggplant. In this article, Jaspar Casey explains what Automated Application Testing is. He also describes the benefits and common myths about this automation. He then includes a great analogy between self-driving cars and testing automation levels. This is what MCANTA identifies as the scale between [...]

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