Manufacturer increases throughput and reduces business risks with QA automation


Challenge For more than 120 years, our client has served some of the most recognized brands in America in a wide variety of industries. A growth-minded, mid-market manufacturer, they operate five Centers of Excellence in the United States, each focusing on specialized areas of expertise and specific processes. To maintain their market leader position, [...]

Major university turns to MCANTA to automate application testing


Challenge The Wisconsin Alumni Association and UW Foundation (WFAA) has been extremely successful, manages over $4.4B in assets, and is in the process of an enterprise-wide, multi-year, digital transformation, including a migration of business systems to the cloud. One key element of this modernization is adopting the use of Salesforce for their development efforts. To [...]

Repeatable quality to deliver first in nation certification


Challenge Support a multinational mapping company become the first entity to certify new pavement industry technology and sensor platforms to AASHTO standards at a national pavement testing center (NCAT). Method As an established leader in the pavement data collection industry, Mandli set its sights on achieving fleetwide certification at the national pavement testing center.  If [...]

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