Test Automation

Testing is more than finding defects.

It is creating confidence in your application with Testing Automation tools.

Business is moving faster than ever and your software is continually evolving. While rolling out a new release once a quarter used to be considered extremely fast, new features are now rolled out weekly or daily. With this fast pace comes the need for comprehensive software testing now.

Testing automation is more than testing the application or module:  it is end-to-end validation of functionality across multiple business processes, software, and platforms. No more finding surprise bugs or integration failures after launch. With MCANTA, you will sleep better at night rest assured that your business processes have been tested thoroughly…leading to grateful customers and a happier CEO.

How much did you test?

Was it enough to ensure a successful launch?

MCANTA’s Test Automation Tools

We understand time is money. Testing can feel like your worst enemy when the majority of time is spent standing up and maintaining a testing environment rather than on the testing itself.

Focus on creative work that improves customer satisfaction by utilizing automation tools that have been refined internationally for more than 15 years.

  • MCANTA’s proven deployment methods will help you get an end-to-end business process testing environment up and running in less than a week.
  • Our testing automation tools integrate smoothly into your environment – running across different web browsers, mobile and native applications. 
  • You will receive precise feedback to easily identify areas of successful performance and which need improvement to help you stay on-time and on-budget.
  • Use MCANTA’S stand-alone platform for scheduled, automated, and ad hoc test execution – and continue to build upon the tests you have created for continued success.
  • No expensive infrastructure investment is needed because our automation tools are fully virtualized.

A Few Advantages of Test Automation

You may be wondering where to start. MCANTA has found that every organization we work with has at least one testing process that can be automated. Automation helps you keep up with testing demands, and verify your build is fully stable and your most important functions are working properly before a new release.

In addition to this assurance, test automation also allows your talented staff to focus on the roles they were actually hired for instead of being pulled into testing. For example, think of how nice it would be to keep your Finance department focused on Accounts Receivable rather than testing the next release of the financial package.

A typical engagement

MCANTA’s goal is to provide immediate value by getting your testing environment set up within a week. We work with your team to identify which test should be automated first and then we replicate that test while teaching your team scripting, automation, and technical best practices. When we finish, your team will be well-positioned to create and deploy additional tests independently in the future.

Liberate your knowledgeable, talented staff from routine, monotonous tasks so they can concentrate on rewarding, high-value deliverables important to your business.

Our Preferred Toolset

MCANTA is proud to be a Qentinel Pace™ Platinum Partner. We utilize Pace™ because of its dependability and flexibility. It can be customized to fit the size of your organization, scale up or down for projects as needed, and robotically imitates thousands of steps that are typically time-consuming and tedious for your staff. This proprietary next generation testing method is cloud-based, allowing you to securely monitor your testing environment at all times. Efficiently manage your IT investments, optimize operational processes, enhance R&D efforts, and much more.